About Us

With rising health care costs we at Friendly Feet are providing pain relief with natural products that provide true natural pain relief.  Our goal is to continue to help hundreds of people by providing quality and affordable products.  Friendly Feet is Located in Arlington, Texas and travels and works a variety of trade shows nationwide.

Meet the Friendly Feet Family

Craig and his wife have been helping people just like for years live pain-free.  We are excited about our growth by our Friendly Feet Insoles and are not providing more products related to helping more people get the help they need.

Being in this industry for over 15 years they bring outstanding experience and knowledge that really helps people.

With my wife being a Chiropractor this really adds to our business model. We work together within the clinic to help clients with these natural pain relief products.

We provide products that include: massaging insoles, massages for neck and back. We also offer Tens Units, seat cushions, and more. Be sure to check out our online store.

We are always trying to provide a Holistic inexpensive way to give Pain and Stress Relief to people. Friendly Feet is family owned and operated we will go the extra mile to help make you and your family happy. 

We're Helping Families Live Pain-Free

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