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LIQUID THERAPEUTIC MASSAGING INSOLE Has been described as like walking on a water-bed or on wet sand on a beach barefoot! Friendly feet massaging insoles put your feet back to their healthier, natural environment. the stop pain and heal without having to resort to buying expensive drugs.

Additional Features: You can freeze them, Fits any size, even heels, and flip flops, they can be washed and comes with a 1-year warranty. The relieve pressure from your disc and can help you stand up straight.

Hammer H1 Massager

Ergonomic shape ensures that the massager stays in close contact with your body

Adjustable speed, About 14" long.

MULTI-USE MASSAGER: Come with three sets of removable heads for a variety of massaging options for use from head to toe.

Percussion action massage for the entire body.

Bring relaxation to wherever you need it most.

Shoulder Heat Pad

The Shoulder Heat Pad provides up to 2 hours of heat before gradually cooling down to room temperature.

When used on the neck and shoulder, this pad stimulates the blood circulation to the brain making it an excellent source of relief for:

  • Neck tension.
  • Upper back stiffness. 
  • Headaches (including migraines). 
  • Chest and stomach pains. 

The relaxing and soothing heat coming from this pad is also an excellent source of relief of stress.

Neck and Shoulder Massager

This is like a getting a massage in the convenience of your own home. This can save you tons of money that you would normally spend go to a place of business for a message The best part is you can take it anywhere, car, office, vacation.

It comes with an A/C Adapter as well as a car adapter. It also has a heat mode and 2 massage directions. You can also choose your own pressure by the way you work the slip in arms. It can also be used on other body parts as well. It's very versatile.

- 8 kneading rollers. Soothing heat. One button to turn the heat on/off.

- 2 massage directions. One button to change the direction of rotation.

- For neck, shoulder, back, waist, body, arms, legs and feet.

- Automatic shut down in 15 minutes.

- Portable.

- Both AC adapter(110-220V AC to 12V DC) and car adapter are included for home, office and car.

Neck and Lower Back Massager

This product is perfect for specifically focusing on the lower back lumbar area as well as the upper cervical area. You can place it in your office chair, or even keep it in your car. 

RELIEVES SORE MUSCLES: Powerful 3-Dimension Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes relax overused and tight muscles (Automatically changes direction every minute); Advanced Heating function soothes aching muscles and can be turned on & off with ease

VERSASTILE, Ergonomic and compact pillow massager fits perfectly behind neck and body contours of lower- & upper-back, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas

CONVENIENT STRAPS: Adjustable Multipurpose Handle Straps allow adjustment of pillow during massage, or can be used to secure the massager to your favorite chair

SAFE TO USE: The Shiatsu massager is equipped with Overheat Protection Device & programmed with 20-minute Auto Shut-Off to ensure safety (UL approved power adaptor works with both 110-120V & 220-240V electrical outlet); Car adapter included

The Royal Purple Seat Cushion

This is a no pressure seat cushion. It distributes weight around the whole cushion. You can actually sit on an egg without breaking it, or even sit on a pair of scissors without feeling them. It's the ultimate cushion for your bum. You get relief from pressure-absorbing science. It also comes with a washable cover.

The 2-inch Royal Purple® Cushion is the popular choice for office heroes, drivers, authors, and artists. Anyone that spends most of their day seated.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer - The material that makes Purple® what it is. Who knew comfort could be so incredibly stretchy and incredibly durable?

Pressure Releasing Comfort - The Purple® grid pattern is designed to fold and collapse under pressure. Comfortable even when you are sitting on your keys or your wallet.

Free Air Flow - The columnar design allows air to move freely, preventing heat and moisture form building up and keeping your took us happy and relaxed all day long.

COPPERX Seat Cussion

The Copperx Infused seat cushion provides relief and balance for optimum support. The seat cushion contains Moisture wicking technology which avoids retaining moisture. It is hypoallergenic, eco friendly and contains cool comfort memory foam technology.

Helps Relieve: Backaches, Fatigue, Discomfort, Soreness, Numbness, and More!

- Cooling Gel - Infused Memory Foam

- Non-Slip Bottom - Extra Security

Cutaway Section - Relieves pressure on the spine

- Removable Zippered Cover - Washable with heavy duty zipper


Circulation™ system that will do wonders for everyone interested in feeling good to great!

Full 3 Year Warranty! One year additional warranty option!


Our Classic System is now in use all over the United States in homes, offices, and professional health facilities.

• Use it anywhere you can find an electric outlet.

• Improve your already good health.

• Recover from and address nagging and painful health conditions.

• Simply use for as little as 10 minutes a day to relieve stress, sleep better, and feel good!

• Easy to use display

• Adjustable vibration controls

• Buy one for a friend or family member you may care about, too!

Stores really small, Adjustable for kids to adults, Move around easily by tilting on built-in wheels!

Massage Pillow
Massage pillow with Two Speed Vibration settings.
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