Liquid Therapeutic Massaging Insole

LIQUID THERAPEUTIC MASSAGING INSOLE Has been described as like walking on a water-bed or on wet sand on a beach barefoot! Friendly feet massaging insoles put your feet back to their healthier, natural environment. the stop pain and heal without having to resort to buying expensive drugs.

Additional Features: You can freeze them, Fits any size, even heels, and flip flops, they can be washed and comes with a 1-year warranty. The relieve pressure from your disc and can help you stand up straight.


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I am a special needs teacher and am on my feet and up and down all day. I have a lot of health problems and was paralyzed from the waist

down 3 years ago due to an autoimmune disease. I fought like h**l and regained 45% use of my legs but suffered irreparable nerve damage. I now have a total of 6 different autoimmune diseases. I have constant pain all over my body. Like all the time, 24/7. I don’t believe in stuff links this normally but I thought what the heck! My husband also got a pair because he is a welder and is on his feet constantly squatting or bending. He has a lot of back and leg pain too. After wearing the insoles for 1 WEEK yes only 1 week, my posture is better which has significantly helped my back pain and my feet don’t hurt all the time. I don’t feel the numbness and tingling! These things are a godsend!!!


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