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Friendly Feet Insoles provide a variety of products for comfort and pain-relief. Friendly Feet Insoles work to be a more healthy and natural environment for your feet. 

We also offer additional products that are strategically designed to help with pain relief from your head to your feet!

Order online 24/7 any of our products.  Shop and select a variety of products to help you with pain relief.

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Friendly Feet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles

Friendly Feet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles really does feel like walking on wet sand on a beach.  These insoles are magic!  These insoles help your feet stay in a healthy and natural environment.  This insole does more work on your body than just your feet.  You will notice the pressure relief from your disc and that your standing up straight. You will never want to take these off.



I have been wearing the Friendly Feet insoles for 4 months and they have been like magic. No other insole addressed the constant pain and discomfort my feet were experiencing. Craig assured me that my feet would be much better off with Friendly Feet insoles and he was absolutely right. Again, they have been like magic. Life has been much better with them.


Oh my gosh, these insoles are so amazing! I wasn't convinced by the presentation at the Canton flea market but I'm here to tell you, you will not be disappointed. I have had horrible feet problems for several years and I walked for about 10 hours last Saturday and my feet didn't even hurt late that night after shopping all day long.

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